About us

Allegro Investment Fund, L.P. is a Jersey-based registered investment fund with about $750 million under management. Established in 2009, the privately held, closed-end fund is built on patience, persistence and straightforward business practices.

Allegro Investment is owned by The Allegro Philanthropic Foundation, a charitable foundation focused on supporting education, the arts, medical research and social and environmental causes. 

We are a deliberately small organization, but an extremely experienced and agile one. Our team has worked together for over 20 years; this close, trusted relationship helps us make prompt decisions and give potential partners the commitments they need without delay. And with a vast track record of complex negotiations and innovative structures, we can evaluate transactions and perform due diligence at speed and short notice.

20 years

of working together


under management


preferred investment range

Long-term sustainable businesses

Rather than chasing short-term results, we focus on long-term strategic and sustainable development of our investments and their management teams.

This long-term strategic mindset, coupled with the Allegro philosophy of good business ethics, sets us apart from most other funds. We are not distracted by exit strategies, short-term share price fluctuations or dividends. Instead, we stay true to building a long-term sustainable business.

Experience as a service 

We support portfolio companies with: 

  • Growth capital

  • Strategic, operational and financial expertise

  • Third-party financing 

  • Extensive talent acquisition 

  • Strategic transaction assistance 

Macro-economic expertise

Alongside our primary investment company business sits a macro-trading-based business, which helps us manage liquid funds while we evaluate investment opportunities. This also connects the fund’s portfolio companies with an invaluable network of financial institution contacts. 

©2023-2024 Allegro Investment Fund, L.P.

©2023-2024 Allegro Investment Fund, L.P.

©2023-2024 Allegro Investment Fund, L.P.