A key rationale for any of Allegro’s investments is that we feel we can add value, not only by providing capital, but also by being actively involved with strategic oversight and general support to management and that we can assist in value creation post-investment. We will therefore expect to be actively involved after our investment with the companies in which we invest.

Our involvement will primarily be via the Board of Directors where we will expect to get one or more seats, often assuming the role of non-executive Chairman. Occasionally we may take a more active role, including assisting management as consultants in specific areas or by serving as informal speaking partners to management, or taking on other roles that may make sense on a case by case basis.

Some of the areas on which we focus our work in this context include:

  • strategic development and oversight;
  • recruitment and retention of key managers and senior advisors;
  • improving the Board of Directors and its ability to support the business, including recruitment of additional directors with complementary skills, development of the work within the Board and other improvements to ensure we maximize the benefit the Board can provide management and the company;
  • guiding management to ensure that they grow with the company and that they develop the ability to handle the different challenges they will face as the company grows and they will need to manage a larger and more complex operation;
  • introduction of systems, policies and procedures to ensure development of the organizational structure as the company grows;
  • development/improvement of financial and IT systems including development of key measurements for monitoring progress;
  • looking for ways to maximize revenue from existing customer bases and broaden revenue streams by identifying new business lines;
  • leading acquisition or joint venture initiatives.