About Us

Allegro Investment Fund, L.P. is a Jersey based registered investment fund with about $750 million under management. Allegro primarily invests in private companies in varying stages of development, from start-ups to established businesses. Our investments are in a broad range of industries and geographical areas, with a primary focus in the U.S. and Europe.

We firmly believe that, apart from investing at a sensible price, the key to success for our investments is to support capable and committed management teams in building a sustainable business over time, without imposing a premature focus on exit strategies or related issues.

Our collaborative approach together with a focus on the long-term strategic development of our investments is a key distinguishing factor between Allegro and many other private equity funds, which often have a greater focus on short term results and exit strategies. Our key focus is always on building a solid long-term sustainable business, not on short-term share price fluctuations, dividends or exits and we manage our businesses as if we would hold them indefinitely.

Allegro supports its portfolio companies by providing growth capital, as well as strategic, operational and financial expertise. We also provide access to an extensive network through which our portfolio companies can access third party financing, recruit talent and get assistance with strategic transactions.

Our preferred investment is in the range of $10-50 million per transaction, but we will invest outside this range when appropriate, in particular in early stage companies where initial capital needs may be more limited.

We normally like to acquire a controlling interest, but if appropriate can accept a substantial minority ownership, provided well defined minority protection rules are put in place to ensure reasonable control of, and protection for, our investment.

Allegro has a small but very experienced organization that is able to evaluate transactions and perform due diligence quickly and on short notice. The extensive experience of our team makes us comfortable handling complex negotiating situations and innovative transaction structures. The fact that the team has worked closely together for over 20 years and know each other extremely well, enables us to make quick decisions, which in turn provides potential partners the feedback and commitments they need without delays.

In addition to its primary private equity business, Allegro has developed a macro-based trading business and an alternative investment business in order to manage its liquid funds while evaluating appropriate investment opportunities. Our work with these investments helps us understand the overall macro-economic environment in which our companies operate and has also generated contacts with banks and other institutions that can be very helpful to our operating companies.